Natural Apple Cider Vinegar for horses

Equine apple cider vinegar



Cider apples have more powerful antioxidants than dessert or culinary apples and we all know that horses love the taste of them!

Treating joint stiffness

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used to treat the immune and digestive systems of horses and cattle for centuries and is now most commonly used in the management and prevention of arthritis and joint stiffness in horses.

If the Equine Cider Vinegar you buy doesn't say it's made from whole CIDER apples – regardless of whether it is marked as 'organic' or not - it won't be!

Apple Cider Vinegar is part of horse-health folklore and has been used for decades. It is now believed that the antioxidants in natural, whole-fruit cider vinegar can help to keep joints in older horses moving freely by reducing calcification.

Organic fly repellent

Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) can also be used as a natural water purifier and natural antibiotic. It is believed to help with fly bites and ACV can certainly be mixed with water to make an organic fly repellent. It also helps with the condition of your horses coat and oxygenates tissue.

Natural Pet Care

The 'Encyclopaedia of Natural Pet Care' describes Apple Cider Vinegar as: 'Long a folk remedy, cider vinegar has been shown to improve the health of dairy cows, horses, dogs and other animals. It reduces common infections, aids birthing, improves stamina, prevents muscle fatigue after exercise, increases resistance to disease and protects against food poisoning.'

'Cider vinegar is rich in the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are normally found in apples, especially potassium. It normalises acid levels pH in the stomach, improving digestion and the assimilation of nutrients, reduces intestinal and faecal odours, helps cure constipation, alleviates some of the symptoms of arthritis and helps prevent bladder stones and urinary tract infections. A healthy animal with the addition of it to the diet will noticeably resist insect and parasite problems, grow shinier and more easily managed coat and increase endurance and energy levels.'

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